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COVID-19 Waiver Needed

Prior to Entering Pool Area

Download Form ->  PRA-Waiver-2020

Parklawn Pool Opening Plan

Great NEWS!!!

Now Offering Same Day Sign up! (Effective immediately – Sign up required!)

  • Starting at 8am you may sign up for for a slot that has not been reserved
  • No Walk ups will be permitted, you must sign up 1 hour prior to the start of the window (Only members listed on the sign up genius will be permitted entry)
  • Only one same-day shift permitted per day (as of 10am)

o   “Extension Slots”: you may sign up for the shift following your shift 1 hour prior to the end of your shift

o   DECK MUST be CLEARED during the 30 minute “cleaning period” (this means ALL Pool members exit the fenced in area with their stuff)

o   Work together (We know some families would like to stay all day.. so would we…but we all need to work together to make sure as many people can enjoy the pool as safely possible)

  • Same day sign ups do not count against your family’s 3x week (ex: Family A signs up for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11-2, they may sign up for an additional same day slot Wednesday if it is available.)

These rules are to ensure that a maximum amount of membership gets to safely use the facilities in some way, we realize it’s not ideal for everyone, no part of this situation is.  Here is a clearer explanation of the rules:

General Reminders:

  • Pool deck must be fully cleared during “cleaning time” (time between the shifts, ex: slot is 11-2pm at 1:30 everyone exits the pool and pool deck, so that cleaning can occur).
  • No Guest passes are permitted unless the guests are family either permanently or temporarily cohabitating with you. No non-family guests allowed.
  • Slots: Each day has been divided into 2-hour time-slots (90-minute swim, 30-minute cleaning and transition, this means everyone must go to the parking lot) except for the first and last hour of each weekday (45-minute swim, 15-minute cleanup).
  • Masks: Must be worn while entering/exiting the pool, speaking to pool staff members and when outside your designated area. Masks are available at the front desk for $5 a piece. If you do not bring a mask you will be asked to purchase one.
  • Tables and benches are labeled with numbers which correspond to your sign up area, please use this assigned space for your personal items (ie: towel, sunscreen, water…etc).  If you are outside your area, please make sure you are wearing a mask (remember your mask protects me, my mask protects you, together we can make this as safe as possible)
  • The lap lane closer to the diving well (Currently Lap Lane 1) is for Lap swimming only.  Other lanes may be reserved by a family and used for exercise that is not “Lap swimming”.
  • One membership may reserve one slot per day, up to 3 x a week.  One slot equals one zone.  A family of 5 cannot reserve the shallow square and the diving well at the same time and split their family between the 2 zones, they must choose 1.
  • One membership may not reserve multiple lap lanes at the same time.  If you are a household unit larger than 3 people, you may still all use the single lap lane or zone, but you may not use more than 1 lane.
  • One membership may not “hold” a zone for another membership by signing up for more than 3 and then releasing them later when friends are ready and standing by.  Once a membership goes over 1 reservation per day or 3 per week, we will start deleting their reservations.
  • Those who have their reservations deleted will be notified by email AFTER THE FACT.
  • Remember that we have lots of members and limited slots and times, so please be considerate of others with your reservations, we want everyone to have a chance to swim.
  • Pool members should stay in their assigned zones (ie: WEAR a mask if outside of your zone)
  • Members who sign up and come to the pool must sign a waiver releasing Parklawn Pool from liability and must confirm upon arrival that they do not have a fever or any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • WEATHER: Unfortunately the pool BOD cannot control the weather, as such, no adjustments will be permitted due to weather (ie: if Family A is signed up for Saturday from 11-1 and the pool closes for weather, they are not permitted another slot).
  • A “family group” is defined as members who live in the same household.
  • The pool cannot provide kickboards, noodles, toys or goggles. Please bring your own!
  • Bathrooms are open for emergency use. Social distancing applies.
  • CLOSED: Playground and basketball court are closed for the time being.
  • Please do NOT:

o   Sign up for more then one slot per day

o   Sign up for more than 3 advanced slots per week (same day sign ups excluded)

o   Show up without being on the sign up list 60 min prior to start time, you will be turned away

o   Have food delivered to the Pool, or cook at the pool (Snacks are okay)

o   Leave your trash at the pool (take it home with you

Any questions? Send them by e-mail to PRAmaint@gmail.com or post on the Pool’s facebook pages, we’ll work together to get answers out as quickly as possible.

The BOD developed the following guidelines with the desire to see as many members enjoy the pool as possible while also remaining in compliance with Virginia’s Phase 2 directives and Fairfax County requirements. The Board created these pool guidelines rooted in the belief that our members will diligently monitor themselves so that everyone can enjoy themselves at the pool. Please be considerate of others! We know that conditions can change at any time and we will continually monitor and update the guidelines as needed to keep improving the experience. Thank you for partnering with us in this very different looking summer!

-Jose Cervoni

We are no longer accepting new memberships this season. However, we’d be happy to put you on our wait list for next season. If interested please fill out and submit the new membership online form.
There are several local pools around us that may have new memberships available. Please look into Lincolnia Park http://lincolniapark.org/ and Broyhill Crest https://www.broyhillcrestpool.org/ pools.
Regards, we hope to see you next season.


6011 Crater Place Alexandria, VA 22312


(571) 447-9461


25-Meter Z-Shaped Pool

Baby Pool

Diving Well

Swim Team

Dive Team

*Snack Bar

*Available Party Area

*Basketball Court

*Children’s Play Area

*Grilling Area

*availability to be determined

Check out Our Calendar


Open Until September 20, 2020

Weekdays: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Weekends: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Parklawn Pool

We are happy to have back this Tuesday Saffron Gourmet Truck from 11:30 till 2:30

Welcome back Sebastian, we have missed you.

Also Aug 15th we have down the Inside Scoop from 12:30 till 2:30pm.. come out and enjoy some delicious ice cream

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Parklawn Pool

We are happy to have back down next Tuesday, Saffron Gourmet Truck from 11:30 till 2pm. We love having Sebastian down and look forward to having an awesome lunch ...

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