2016 Parklawn Pool Board of Directors

The Parklawn Recreation Association announces its Board of Directors, elected by the membership in February. They are:

President:  Dave Galway;

Vice President: Jose Cervoni;

Secretary: Tania Kohut;

Treasurer: Theresa Dorton;

Maintenance/Operations: Larry Chadwell (Assisted by Jose Cervoni/Dave Galway);

Membership: Dave Galway (Becky McMurry will assist);

Web/Communication: Eric Siervo (Claire Fleisch will assist);

Social/Marketing: Paul Jameson;

Swim Team Reps: Nicole and Sipho Molife, B Meet Rep: Dave Galway;

Members at Large:

Claire Fleisch

Richard Fonda

Robert Phinney

Zelmi McCann

Becky McMurry

Phil Shea

Steve Smearman