A Letter from the Pool President, June 12, 2020


The Board of Directors met on 6/10/20 and voted to open the pool as soon as possible. We approved a revised contract with our pool management company. Now they are responsible for getting us open. The tentative date they provided is 6/20/20 though they are still struggling to identify lifeguard staffing. In the interim I’ve asked them to make the pool ready to open so that we can at least begin other programs where we provide our own lifeguards (Master’s swim for example).

The BOD must determine how to manage the pool while operating under COVID Phase 2 restrictions (posted in my previous letter) to maximize use by membership while ensuring membership safety and minimizing pool liability. The BOD must also determine a fair cost, if any, to associate with membership use of the facilities this season. The BOD created a subcommittee to identify options for the BOD to consider and vote upon when we meet again on 6/17/20. Those options may include making folks who use the pool this season use a portion of their dues this season while giving all memberships the right to not come to the pool this season and roll over their payment this year to next year in part or full. Several pool memberships already informed me they would not use the pool this season regardless of whether it opens, in any capacity. If you have not already, please let me know if you do not plan to use the pool in any capacity.

At a minimum anyone using the pool this season will have to sign a waiver concerning COVID virus liability of the pool and will need to follow the government mandated social distancing rules while using the facility. Most likely the pool will use a reservation system and enforce time limits for folks who use the facility. The hope is that COVID restrictions will ease as the summer continues and at some point we can return much closer to normal operations.

That said, bathrooms will only be available for emergency use, no showering. The snack bar will not open. We will not offer swim lessons. Pool furniture is accessible under COVID restrictions though the pool needs to evaluate this option as well.

As always the BOD appreciates everyone’s patience as we try to navigate these uncharted waters. On another note, my Gmail and Yahoo accounts are not allowing me to send email communications to membership. I am working on a solution but please continue to monitor the website for updates until you start receiving emails from me again.


Dave Galway, dave.galway176@gmail.com

Parklawn Pool President