A Letter from the Pool President, June 9, 2020


We’ve just heard that Northern Virginia is allowed to enter phase 2 of coronavirus recovery this Friday, June 12. The Board of Directors is meeting on Wednesday, June 10, to decide whether to open the pool this season and what that would look like. If the BOD opts to open the pool, we will need to set up a reservation process for membership to use the facility in the capacity mandated by government (shown below). I will post a follow-up after the BOD meets Wednesday.

Phase 2 Swimming Pool Guidelines


The Board of Directors met 5/27/20 to review the pool status for the season. The consensus was that the BOD did not have enough information to render a decision. Despite that, there was heavy discussion about opening pros and cons and, if opening, scenarios. The BOD agreed to reconvene on 6/10/20 to determine whether we will open and, if so, in what capacity. The hope was that in the interim we’d get more information from the government about the phased-opening approach and we’d get more information from our pool-management company about their ability to open the pool.

Last week I spoke with the pool-management company about the pool status and about the original contract. A BOD goal is that since the pool management company could not open the pool until 6/20/20 and–due to the phased-opening approach–the pool does not need as much lifeguard staffing to monitor the pool, to get the pool management company to rebid the contract at a lower amount. I received the bid late last week and will present it to the BOD on 6/10/20. Regardless of whether the pool opens, the BOD felt, and the county advocates, that we should still remove the pool cover and maintain the pool for the season for a number of health-related and equipment-maintenance reasons. So, the pool management company removed the cover, cleaned the pool, and refilled it last week. There are still several steps necessary to prepare the pool if the BOD votes to open.

Regards and thanks for your patience during this challenging time.

Dave Galway


Parklawn Pool President