BOD Makes Big 2019 Pool Improvements!

Folks, it’s looking like a new pool! Earlier this year the pool’s Board of Directors (BOD) voted to replace the front fencing on the pool, fence in the basketball court, resurface the deck, and replace the light poles… and it’s all nearly done!

By fencing in the court and tearing down the fencing that currently borders the playground, the pool now has a large open field with more use options for members. The fence replacement also removes most of the unsightly barbed wire. We hope you enjoy the new look!

The BOD also purchased a shed, which houses our new pool cover along with other tools used to maintain the facilities. As for the light poles, the base of one old pool light is rotting, while both poles have antiquated lighting and are too tall to easily maintain. The BOD voted to replace the poles with shorter versions that are easily serviced and updated the lighting to brighter and energy efficient versions.

The pool deck had many large cracks that annually expanded with weather wear and tear. The new deck includes surface patterns that work in any existing deck cracks (since you cannot eliminate them without ripping the deck out which is a huge cost) so they are less noticeable. The new deck is made of a substance that is more heat resistant so members are less likely to burn themselves from the deck surface.

As of 5/11/19 the deck work is complete, the fencing is about 75% complete, and the light poles should go in this week. It’s looking great and we hope you enjoy it!