Dive Team Update 6/26/2020


If you receive this email you expressed interest in participating in the Parklawn Pool Dive Team Training this summer. Our swim team is already practicing mornings at the pool from 7:45-11 a.m. We will use their existing management process as well for Dive Team as described below. Please review the pool use video as well as see the welcome letter from our coach Tom Blakeman. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

1) What time? – Practice would be for 1 hour 8-9, 9-10 or 10-11. 15 minutes of that hour is for transition from the pool deck after practice ends so each session is 45 minutes. Currently we are limited to 6 kids per session due to COVID restrictions of 3 unrelated kids per diving well (there are 2 diving boards so 2 diving wells). We will divide kids into practice times based on age, assessed ability and availability. Please let us know if you have a time request/constraint and we will try to accommodate if possible.

2) How often weekly and what days? – Monday thru Friday

3) How long is each session? – one hour

4) How many weeks will this last? –  Sessions are set up weekly. Parents can sign up for however many weekly sessions they wish. We will assess week by week based on interest whether we will proceed with subsequent weeks. We require a minimum of 4 divers to hold a session.

5) How much will we charge a session? – $60 a week/ five 45 minute classes. $100 a week for 2 divers, $145 for 3 divers and $190 for 4 divers.

6) How do I register?  Even if you registered prior to 6/20, you need to do so again at https://www.parklawnpool.org/piranhas-swim-team/piranhas-join/ as we updated our waivers. Once you register we will review the list and identify time slots. 

7) How do I pay? – You can pay here: https://parklawnpiranhas.square.site/

You may also pay via check made out to Parklawn Swim Team or via Paypal at parklawnswimteamstore@gamil.com

8) When will we start? – We plan to start next Monday, 6/29/20. We will send out the schedule for next week on 6/28/20.