Important Swim Team Information

Parent’s Meeting and Swim Assessments Scheduled

The Swim Team Representatives will host a registration and parents’ meeting on Sunday, May 17, from 7–8 p.m. at the Lincolnia Senior Center. Given the size of our team, we have decided to move our parent meeting to the weekend so that more working parents can attend, and to a weather-proof location! At this meeting our swim-team leadership and coaches will provide an overview of the summer swim team. It’s a great opportunity to meet our fabulous coaches and catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We encourage new and returning families to attend the meeting.

The Parklawn Piranhas welcome members who are 18 years old and under to join the swim team. Swimmers are evaluated before they are invited to join the team. Swimmers need to swim: (1) freestyle at least 25 meters (1 lap) of the pool; and (2) backstroke at least 15 meters of the pool, unassisted and with a minimum stroke proficiency and endurance. Swimmers must also be able to listen, pay attention, and focus on our coaches’ instructions for a 45-minute-or-longer practice, participate in weekly “B” swim meets throughout the season, and be available to participate in “A” swim meets when requested by the coaches. This generally means that a swimmer is at least six years old. The team will hold swim-team assessments at Chinquapin Pool (3210 King Street, Alexandria).  We will hold up to three assessments (depending on interest and swim team capacity level in March, April and May) and our first assessment will be on Sunday, March 29th from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.  Individual Evaluations will not be scheduled for your individual swimmer; your swimmer needs to attend one of the assessment dates.