Improvements: Pool Cover & New Fencing

The pool finally has a cover! Board of Directors (BOD) members installed the baby pool cover in late November. Since then BOD members cleaned most of the leaves from the main pool and are looking into installing the main pool cover.

The pool is looking into purchasing new fencing for the pool frontage to rid the pool of the current “jail” look.

The BOD is also considering fencing in both the basketball court and new horseshoe pits so that those are open to members to use WITHOUT having to go outside the safe fence perimeter. This would also eliminate non-members using the court and not following the rules (foul language, trash, etc.). Let us know your thoughts. This move would about add another 1/3 to the size of our fenced-in protected perimeter but it would likely reduce some of the “natural” look of our grounds. The hope is that it would give our kids more options AND there would be much more use of both the basketball court and horseshoe pits. If the perimeter is a hit we can consider tearing down the fence that borders the playground which would open the grounds up to much more activity and use, especially since we already have a sidewalk that runs out along the hillside off the ramp.

We are also considering moving the fence perimeter from the new deck to the edge of the deck so there is no longer a fence barrier between that seating and the pool, much like the other seating area. This should open up the deck more and possibly provide options for a slide or other pool perks in the future.