June 17th Weekly Updates

Monday – June 17th – B Meet against Broyhill Crest – Pool Closes at 4 p.m. –  Due the B-meet with Broyhill Crest, the pool will close at 4 pm, including baby pool and playground. However, the team will host a Lollipop Kickboard race at 6 pm (arrive at 5:30) for all young Parklawn Pool swimmers so feel free to stay (or return) and cheer on the team, have your young swimmer do a kickboard race, and have dinner at the Parklawn Grill!  
Tuesday – Thursday June 18-20th – Swim Lessons – Mornings 10:30 to 11 am and Evenings 5 p.m to 6 p.m. The morning session happens before pool opens. Evening session closes half of shallow end for lessons. Lessons are Tuesday through Thursday
Tuesday – Thursday Jun 18-20th – Swim Team Practice – from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Middle section of pool will be used (except lap lane). Morning practices start Monday but occur before pool opens so evening practices should be less crowded. 
Wednesday –  June 19th – Raft Night –7:30 to close – Our biweekly Raft Nights begin Wednesday, June 19 (7:30 – 8:45)! Please bring a flotation device—but no paddles or oars!—and enjoy the pool. During Raft Night please pay extra attention to your swimmers to ensure safety. Swimmers that need flotation devices in the shallow end (basically kids who cannot swim) should not use Raft Night as an opportunity to be in the deep end unless accompanied by their parent or of-age guardian.

The pool will have an electric air pump to assist with blowing up your raft if you do not have one. If you do have an electric air pump, please bring it so you can help others! 

Thursday – Ladies Night aka Snacks and Yax – June 20th –  See old friends again, meet new ones, bring and share a snack and let the yax flow! – Location on upper deck. 

Friday – Piranha Grill Night – June 21st – Make it easy on yourself and have dinner at the pool this Friday night! The Piranhas swim team will be selling hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers (see prices below). Support the team and avoid the Friday night dinner hassle! Hot dogs: $2, Hamburger / veggie burger: $3, Burger with cheese: $4, Combo: Add drink and chips for $1 more

New Party Area – The Pool has designated a 3rd party area on the right hand upper deck under the second awning, next to the foosball tables. Party areas 1 and 2 will each consist of 1 large green “party” table and 2 four chair round tables. Party area 3 will consist of 5 round tables with 4 chairs each. 

Online Calendar – Please Keep Track of Pool Events via Online calendar – https://www.parklawnpool.org/test_site/calendar/events/

July 4th Celebration Volunteers and Coins Needed – The pool hosts a 4th of July celebration with events such as Parade, Bingo, Coin Dive, Belly Flop and Cannonball Contests, Foosball Tournament. We need volunteers to run events. For the coin dive the pool sets up a set of tables with toys and sweets kids can purchase with their found coins (if they want) – Please drop off loose change at front desk.