Parklawn Pool is open to everyone to join. You DO NOT have to live in the Parklawn or Heywood Glen neighborhoods to be a member. Our members reside in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Washington DC, and even parts of Maryland. We are a private pool and you must purchase a membership to join. Membership applications are available/downloadable in the link below.

Parklawn Pool gives prior year memberships an opportunity to renew by March 1st . To join our waitlist please review the current waitlist status below and click the “submitting a waitlist application” link. By joining the waitlist you are not bound to join the pool since membership only invokes upon receipt and acceptance of membership payment. The Parklawn Membership Committee notifies waitlist members when they can join the pool. Though Parklawn is full for 2022 the Waitlist overview below provides 2 other local pools with immediate membership availability. Even if you cannot join us this season you will remain on our waitlist for the next season so you will not lose your spot in the waitlist queue.


Family up to 6 members 4 years or older $625.00
-Additional membership for families over 6 members $50.00 each 
Couple/Two-Person: $450.00
Single: $300.00
Senior Couple/Two-Person: $350.00
Senior Single: $255.00
New Member Fee (payable only for the first year of membership) $100.00
Membership Application
* Pool Refund Policy
Parklawn Pool membership payments are non-refundable unless approved otherwise by the BOD.
The BOD will evaluate refund requests on a case by case basis to determine response. 


Parklawn Pool maintains a waitlist every year. We are full for the 2022 season but are still accepting waitlist applications for future seasons. Meanwhile, there are several pools near us that have available memberships–our goal is to get everyone swimming this summer. Please consider these wonderful pools within 1-2 miles of us: Forest Hollow or Broyhill Crest. Please see below for a general description and website links for each of these pools.

1) Forest Hollow has a huge covered gazebo/pavilion, lots of sun, and a slide as well as diving board. Forest Hollow offers 10 free guest passes for anyone who signs up from the Parklawn list:

2) Broyhill Crest has beautiful grounds, a volleyball court, covered picnic tables, and lots of shade:

Both pools have fantastic folks and are part of the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) so they have a swim team. Both have diving board(s).

Annually we turn over 50-100 memberships due to the nature of transition in Northern Virginia. Please make sure you sign up for the waitlist by submitting a waitlist application. By signing up for the waitlist, you are not “bound” to join the pool. Regardless of whether you join another pool this year, unless you tell us otherwise we will keep you on our waitlist for next season. We thank you for considering us this season and we hope you have a wonderful summer at one of our sister pools.


The PRA understands that nannies/babysitters are often a necessity and we try to support you. To that end, nannies/babysitters are welcome at the pool, are not considered in the membership rate calculation, and you do not have to pay a guest-pass fee for them. You must list the name and DOB of any nanny or babysitter on the membership form and identify them as such. A nanny/babysitter may not bring friends to the pool unless the nanny uses your guest passes. Nanny/babysitters should be 18 or over unless they are already members under a different membership. If they are not already members, then you must sign a consent form that allows your child/children to accompany an under-adult-age nanny/babysitter at the pool.  Members conducting child care for non-member child(ren) must consult the Board of Directors in order to make appropriate arrangements on fees.