Parklawn Pool is open for anyone to join, we are a private pool and you must purchase a membership.  Our membership is at capacity, you can join our waitlist by submitting a waitlist application.


Membership Type Rate
Family (up to 6 members 2 years or older) $695
–       Each additional family member over 6 people $50 each
Couple/Two-Person $500
Single $330
Senior Couple/Two-Person (age 65+) $390
Senior Single (age 65+) $285
Nanny/Caregiver Pass $50
New Member Fee (payable only for the first year of membership) $100
Membership Application
* Refund Policy

Parklawn Pool membership payments are non-refundable unless approved otherwise by the Board of Directors.  The Board will evaluate refund requests on a case-by-case basis.


Parklawn Pool maintains a waitlist, you must pay a one-time fee of $25 to join the wait list.  The amount paid will be deducted from the new member initiation fee when you join.

Our current members have until March 1st to pay their annual dues, and at that point we will start offering memberships to our waitlist.  Annually we turn over 50-100 memberships due to the nature of transition in Northern Virginia. Please make sure you sign up for the waitlist by submitting a waitlist application. By signing up for the waitlist, you are not obligated to join the pool. If you are not offered a membership for the current season you will remain on our waitlist for future seasons.


Nannies/caregivers are welcome at the pool. If they live full-time in your home, they are considered part of your household and can be added at no additional fee.  If they do not live in your household, you must purchase a nanny-pass for them at the rate of $50.  Nanny/Caregivers can only be added to Family memberships, and memberships are limited to one nanny pass per family.  If your family requires more than one nanny-pass, you must request board approval.