PIRANHA NEWS: July 25, 2019

WE ARE 4-1 IN DIVISION 15. GREAT JOB, PIRANHAS! The final score from last Saturday’s A-meet was 230-190. Did you know that our 15-18 Boys earned the most points for the team (39 points)? Hot on their heels was a TIE for second between the 8&U Girls and Boys with each earning 36 points! Way to go! The full overview was: 15-18 Boys: 39; 8&U Girls and 8&U Boys: 36 each; 11-12 Boys: 26; 15-18 Girls and 13-14 Boys: 21 each; 9-10 Boys: 14; 13-14 Girls and 11-12 Girls: 13 each; and 9-10 Girls: 6.

GREAT things happen when the Parklawn Piranhas swim team parents and community supporters get involved! Like the Piranha Power Boosters Club. Since its founding in 2015, the Boosters have raised money to cover a host of annual swim team expenses such as Clerk of Course benches, lane lines and wheel, a new starter, team swim caps, team T-shirts, dryland mats, kickboards, and more. For our 2019 season, our fabulous Boosters paid for the new water misters, providing much-needed cooling relief for the dog-day meets of July.


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July 19, 2019 – Weekly Update

Storm Repairs Update: The fence is fixed! We once again have a functioning fence around the basketball court. Now we will focus on the basketball hoop and repairing the shed damage. This week’s Friday Night Grill is actually going to be Chick-fil-A sandwiches due to the non-grill-friendly weather. See flyer below. More...

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Sundaes on Sunday!

On Sunday, July 21, at 5 pm, the Homes By Mason Team will be scooping and topping complimentary ice-cream sundaes on the upper deck in support of the Parklawn Piranhas and Parklawn Pool. Come on out to have fun, meet your neighbors, and enjoy yummy ice cream. Open to all Parklawn Pool Members. We're looking forward to seeing you!

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Pool Schedule This Weekend, July 13, Repair Updates, Issues – PLEASE READ ALL

Storm Repairs Update: Parking Lot: Gravel delivered. Will have Bobcat on site tonight. Pool will close strictly at 9 p.m. We may ask folks to move cars to field early so we can begin working on lot. Will continue work Saturday morning before A meet. Plan is to remove asphalt, level parking lot, and spread new gravel. If field is not too wet will work out there as well. Fence: Fence company trying to salvage whatever possible. Temporary fence put in place while order filled for new fencing. Hope to complete by end of next week. Shed: Shed has some damage but is now back in original location. Still need to damage and clean out storm debris inside. Safety Ramp: Need to finish work in parking lot before replacing ramp. Missing one piece of ramp and will need to fabricate. Basketball Hoop: Schedule unclear. Need to figure out whether can repair or must replace bent hoop pole. Friday Night Grill, July 12: Starts tomorrow at 6 p.m....

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Piranha News, July 12, 2019

WE ARE 2-1 IN DIVISION 15. GREAT JOB, PIRANHAS! 1) The final score from last Saturday’s A-meet was 217-201. Did you know that our 8&U Boys earned the most points for the team (36 points) followed by the 8&U Girls (30)? Way to go! The full overview was: 8&U Boys: 36; 8&U Girls: 30; 13-14 Boys: 29; 15-18 Boys: 28; 11-12 Boys: 25; 9-10 Boys: 18; a points tie for 11-12 Girls and 13-14 Girls: 13 each; 9-10 Girls: 12; and 15-18 Girls: 8. 2) Congratulations, Piranhas, for the 2nd place finish overall in Relay Carnival! The 8&U Boys Free and Medley and 13/14 Boys relay teams won their races! 3) This Saturday’s home A-meet is our Senior Day where we celebrate our seniors! We need more parent volunteers for our home A-meet. If you have a swimmer in the meet, you need to sign up to volunteer: www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a4aa5a929a0ff2-parent2. 4) Parents, please remember to tell your swimmers to race against the clock this Saturday. If we reach 25 personal bests on Saturday, the team will celebrate with donuts after Tuesday morning/evening practice! 5) We need more parents to help with the Saturday, July 20, Progressive Dinner—a favorite Piranha tradition for our 13/14 & 15-18 age groups. Sign up: www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a4aa5a929a0ff2-progressive. ...

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Friday Night Grill

Friday Night Grill (6 Pm): Make It Easy On Yourself And Have Dinner At The Pool Tonight! The Piranhas Swim Team Will Be Selling Hot Dogs, Hamburgers And Veggie Burgers. Support The Team And Avoid The Friday Night Dinner Hassle! Hot Dogs: $2; Hamburger / Veggie Burger: $3; Burger With Cheese: $4; Combo: Add Drink And Chips For $1 More.

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June 26th Weekly Updates

Friday Night Grill (6 - 8 Pm): Make It Easy On Yourself And Have Dinner At The Pool This Friday Night! The Piranhas Swim Team Will Be Selling Hot Dogs, Hamburgers And Veggie Burger. Support The Team And Avoid The Friday Night Dinner Hassle! Hot Dogs: $2; Hamburger / Veggie Burger: $3; Burger With Cheese: $4; Combo: Add Drink And

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June 17th Weekly Updates

Monday - June 17th - B Meet Against Broyhill Crest - Pool Closes At 4 P.M. - Due The B-Meet With Broyhill Crest, The Pool Will Close At 4 Pm, Including Baby Pool And Playground. However, The Team Will Host A Lollipop Kickboard Race At 6 Pm (Arrive At 5:30) For All Young Parklawn Pool Swimmers So Feel Free To Stay (Or Return) And Cheer On The Team, Have Your Young Swimmer Do A Kickboard Race, And Have Dinner At The Parklawn Grill! Tuesday - Thursday June 18-20th - Swim Lessons - Mornings 10:30 To 11 Am And Evenings 5 P.M To 6 P.M. The Morning Session Happens

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BOD Makes Big 2019 Pool Improvements!

Folks, it’s looking like a new pool! Earlier this year the pool’s Board of Directors (BOD) voted to replace the front fencing on the pool, fence in the basketball court, resurface the deck, and replace the light poles… and it’s all nearly done!

By fencing in the court and tearing down the fencing that currently borders the playground, the pool now has a large open field with more use options for members. The fence replacement also removes most of the unsightly barbed wire. We hope you enjoy the new look!

The BOD also purchased a shed, which houses our new pool cover along with other tools used to maintain the facilities. As for the light poles, the base of one old pool light is rotting, while both poles have antiquated lighting and are too tall to easily maintain. The BOD voted to replace the poles with shorter versions that are easily serviced and updated the lighting to brighter and energy efficient versions.

The pool deck had many large cracks that annually expanded with weather wear and tear. The new deck includes surface patterns that work in any existing deck cracks (since you cannot eliminate them without ripping the deck out which is a huge cost) so they are less noticeable. The new deck is made of a substance that is more heat resistant so members are less likely to burn themselves from the deck surface.

As of 5/11/19 the deck work is complete, the fencing is about 75% complete, and the light poles should go in this week. It’s looking great and we hope you enjoy it!

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