PIRANHA NEWS: July 4, 2019

1) The final score from last Saturday’s A-meet was 219-201. Did you know that our 13-14 Boys earned the most points for the team (33 points) followed closely by the 11-12 Boys (31)? Way to go!

The full overview was:

13-14 Boys: 33; 11-12 Boys: 31; 15-18 Girls: 29; 8&U Boys: 27; 9-10 Girls: 20; 9-10 Boys: 18; 11-12 Girls: 15; 13-14 Girls: 11; 8&U Girls: 10; and 15-18 Boys: 7.

2) Want to be part of a fun caravan of cars traveling together together to our AWAY A-meet this coming Saturday? If so, please be at the pool no later than 7:45 a.m. so that our swimmers can arrive by 8:10 a.m. and be in the water no later than 8:20 a.m. for warm-ups. We need more parent volunteers for our July 6 A-meet. If you
have a swimmer in the meet, you need to sign up to volunteer:

3) Parents, please remember to tell your swimmers to race against the clock this Saturday. If we reach 30 personal bests on Saturday, the team will celebrate with donuts after Tuesday morning/evening practice!

4) We need to order trophies for our banquet. Please review the spelling of your child’s name (bit.ly/2ITATg1) by July 6 to confirm the correct spelling of your child’s name and email any corrections to Barbara Michelman. This is the name that will be on their swim trophy.

5) Clean up, clean up … Parents: Our kids need to do a MUCH better job cleaning up after themselves—after swim practices and after meets. We are finding a lot of candy wrappers, paper plates and drink containers scattered from the playground to the deck. Please remind your kids every time they come to the pool to clean-up after themselves.

AND OUR SWIMMERS OF THE WEEK ARE… Zoe Andonegui and Javier Cruz! These Piranhas always bring a positive attitude to practice, where they focus on getting stronger, better, and faster each time they hit the water. And, they’re great teammates, too! Congratulations, Zoe and Javier!