Our Swim Team Guidelines will be updated prior to June 1 to reflect the guidelines issued by federal, state and local governmental bodies, the NVSL and the Parklawn Pool. The guidelines below reflect our 2020 Guidelines and Code of Conduct and are subject to change. 

Together We Keep Each Other Safe and Healthy. By participating in the program, your family and your swimmer agree to abide by social distancing and practice guidelines required by the Parklawn Piranhas Swim Team. You need to follow the rules even if you personally do not feel like they are necessary to keep you and your family safe or even if you have a different risk tolerance. We are a Swim Team family, and we are trying to keep our entire community as safe as possible. Our team wins swim meets when we work together and all of our Piranhas swim well. This summer, it means that we must work together to navigate this new environment and keep each other safe and healthy.

But we cannot eliminate the health risks associated with group activities as much as we wish that would be the case. Each family and swimmer participate at their own risk. Neither the coaches nor parent volunteers (including Swim Team leadership) will monitor or enforce the guidelines at practices. Rather the swimmers and parents must do so.

Our coaches and our parent volunteers cannot prevent you or your children from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while participating in our program this year. Coaches and parent volunteers will not clean the facilities or the bathroom before, during or after each practice. Our coaches will focus on coaching your swimmers and are not responsible for monitoring or enforcing social distancing guidelines. If you have any concerns or an unwillingness to adhere to these guidelines, do not participate.

Your Swimmer Must Be Independent and Able to Follow the Guidelines. Your swimmer must be a self-starter: able to line up, go to their designated lane, follow direction for drills for 45 minutes and then exit the pool deck independently. They must come to practice ready to swim. If your swimmer is not capable of consistently meeting these requirements, please do not register your swimmer(s). Parents will not be walking their swimmer(s) to the pool deck.

Each Day. Before each practice, make sure:

  1. Complete the Health Check before every practice and meet.
  2. Your swimmer uses the bathroom at home before coming. (This reminder is a little bit more important for our 7-year-olds than our 16-year-olds!). Bathrooms are not available except for a true emergency.
  3. Your swimmer brings a bag/backpack, pre-filled water bottle, and towel. Your swimmer should also have hand sanitizer or alcohol/disinfecting wipes.
  4. Your swimmer wears a mask when they line up to enter the pool.
  5. Your swimmer arrives at least 10 minutes earlier than the practice start time to allow for sufficient time to complete the check-in process.

Arrival Procedure. Your swimmer will arrive with a mask ON and the mask should cover their nose and mouth. If you are waiting with your swimmer before the pool gate opens, you too must wear a mask. A parent volunteer and/or coach will check your child in and confirm that there is an current Health Check completed on TeamSnap.  We also plan to check temperatures using a contactless thermometer provided a parent volunteer is available.

The volunteer will instruct your swimmer to walk to their designated space. We will have designated spaces for each child – 6 feet apart. We plan to use hula hoops to mark the individual areas provided they arrive in time! This will be the space where they can put their bag and other personal belongings etc.

It is important that both you and your child understand how to safely enter and exit practice. For swim team, kids check in through the back gate where they wait until the group before them clears the deck. They exit through the main front gate. Since all of the swim team kids pass the diving well on their way to their spots, they will come in before the Swim Team kids.

See the link to the video from another pool that explains the procedure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpOkAu3ARf4.Watch this video with your child before the first day of practice.

Swim bags and any equipment/personal belongings must be placed 6 feet apart at the designated areas.

The coaches will have a list of swimmers for each practice. If your swimmer is not on the list, your swimmer cannot attend practice or be in the pool area. No exceptions.