Pool Cleanup 2018 is Underway!

Spring cleaning is well underway at Parklawn Pool! Thanks to everyone who came out Sunday—much was accomplished. However, there is still plenty left to do… and luckily the next cleanup is this weekend: Sunday, April 15, from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. Like last weekend, this Sunday will primarily involve grounds maintenance and mulching the playground. Please let Dave Galway (dave.galway176@gmail.com) know if you plan to attend.

The BOD scheduled six cleanup days so anyone who can volunteer or would like to fulfill their service hours this year has the chance to come support.

Remember, there are no paid staff to prepare the pool grounds and contents (playground, chairs, tables, pool decks, driveway, grounds, etc.) each year. It is up to us to get the pool ready. That said, regardless of whether your membership has a maintenance requirement, the pool needs and appreciates all who can come pitch in to make the pool look its best for the summer 😊

A two-person membership and a family membership have the option to perform 4 hours of service to recoup $50 off their pool fee. Single memberships can recoup $25 with 2 hours of service. First- and second-year memberships and senior memberships are exempt from pool service fees but are always welcome to support with preparing the pool for the new season.

Next cleanup dates: Sunday, April 15; Saturday, April 28; Sunday, May 6; Saturday, May 12; and Sunday, May 20. They are also listed on the pool calendar (https://www.parklawnpool.org/test_site/calendar/events/).