Pool Schedule This Weekend, July 13, Repair Updates, Issues – PLEASE READ ALL

Storm Repairs Update: 

Parking Lot: Gravel delivered. Will have Bobcat on site tonight. Pool will close strictly at 9 p.m. We may ask folks to move cars to field early so we can begin working on lot. Will continue work Saturday morning before A meet. Plan is to remove asphalt, level parking lot, and spread new gravel. If field is not too wet will work out there as well. 

Fence: Fence company trying to salvage whatever possible. Temporary fence put in place while order filled for new fencing. Hope to complete by end of next week.

Shed: Shed has some damage but is now back in original location. Still need to damage and clean out storm debris inside.

Safety Ramp: Need to finish work in parking lot before replacing ramp. Missing one piece of ramp and will need to fabricate. 

Basketball Hoop: Schedule unclear. Need to figure out whether can repair or must replace bent hoop pole. 

Friday Night Grill, July 12: Starts tomorrow at 6 p.m. See screenshot below for details. Be advised that the swim team will be having their karaoke/lip sync event tomorrow at 6:30. 

Saturday, July 13: Pool will be closed until noon for a swim meet with Lake Braddock… Members can swim at Dowden Terrace from 11 to Noon. Address is 6300 Holmes Run Parkway, Alexandria, Va. 22311. Tell them you are from Parklawn at front desk. 

Monday, July 15: The pool (including baby pool and playground) will close at 4 pm to set up for a “B-meet” with Hollin Hills & Lincolnia Park (starts at 6 pm). This will include a Kickboard/Lollipop Race for all young Parklawn swimmers. Our Piranhas will be there and can be in the lane with your child during the kickboard race—participants will each receive a lollipop. Participants should arrive by 5:30 p.m. and meet near the diving board. The Piranha Grill will also be running! Members can swim at Dowden Terrace from 11 to Noon. Address is 6300 Holmes Run Parkway, Alexandria, Va. 22311. Tell them you are from Parklawn at front desk. 

Lost & Found: The lost and found shelving is against the guard shack building below the extendable awning. We have amassed a great number of items so far this year. If you are missing something from the pool chances are it is there. Please look as we donate everything at the end of the season.

Pool Party Reservations: We believe we’ve resolved the issues with party requests not reaching us. If you have used the pool’s website to request a reservation for an event AND you have a Yahoo email address, please check our calendar (https://www.parklawnpool.org/calendar/events/) to make sure your party is on it. If not contact Helen at hgharris2@gmail.com

Pool Party Locations: We now have 3 party locations. Areas 1 and 2 are under the awnings on the left hand side of the upper deck with Area 1 closest to the playground. Area 3 is under the rear awning on the upper deck to the right. 

Pool Party Rules: We are repeatedly finding that folks have not read the party rules before holding their parties. You MUST bring a list of folks who will attend the party whether they swim or not BEFORE the event begins. You MUST bring trash bags for your trash and take it to the dumpster afterwards, do not throw the trash in the pool trash cans. 

Glass at the Pool: We have repeatedly found glass in our recycling bins which means folks STILL do not understand the no glass policy. No glass is permitted exposed at the pool. I realize sometimes folks have bottles of wine or otherwise in coolers and never remove them from the coolers (pour contents in cups). Generally we are fine with that but DO NOT put empty glass containers into the recycling bins or trash cans, take them home with you. Guards consolidate recycling bins nightly and if a empty glass bottle falls out and shatters this may hurt someone. Guards empty the trash cans nightly and glass can break inside the bags, cut the bags, and spill out onto the deck or cut the guards.