• Main Pool: Hours are posted on the web site, and at the pool. (Closures will also be posted to the calendar on the website, ex: Swim/Dive Meets)
  • Baby Pool:  The Baby Pool is for children age 5 and under and with the direct supervision of the child’s parent or guardian. The baby pool is available for use when the main pool is open to the general membership. It is NOT available for use at other times (e.g. the baby pool is NOT available for use during morning swim team practice). LIFEGUARDS ARE NOT PROVIDED FOR THE BABY POOL.
  • Basketball Courts, Playground, and Picnic Area:  Open during regular operating hours to PRA members only.  Any person abusing PRA property shall be held responsible. Basketball courts and Playgrounds are closed during swim meets.


The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and enforcing rules for the Association’s facilities. The Association is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property, including vehicles, nor for personal injury occurring in violation of these rules. The Pool Manager is responsible for enforcing the rules as directed by the Board and is responsible for injuries caused by his/her negligence. The Association is responsible for injuries caused by the negligence of the Board of Directors.


 Each member is responsible for the actions of all persons using the Association’s facilities under his/her membership.

  • Members are responsible for ensuring that they and their guests are familiar with these rules and conduct themselves safely in accordance with these rules. Members and guests should exercise care and good common sense in the use of these facilities.
  • Members should maintain high standards of cleanliness. In this regard, swimmers must shower before entering the pool and must wear family appropriate swimming attire (NO CUT-OFFS). Infants/children in diapers must wear swim diapers (NO STANDARD DISPOSABLE DIAPERS) any time they are in either of the pools.
  • Members are responsible for leaving the pool deck and furniture clean upon their departure. Tables shall be left clean, and no trash shall be left on the ground. Members are responsible for cleaning up after all minors in their party.
  • PRA members must reimburse the Association for any damage to its property or any other expense caused by violation of an operating or safety rule by a member or his/her guest.
  • PRA members are responsible for ensuring that minors and or guests under their sponsorship/ membership adhere to the rules and regulations of the Association.
  • All PRA members and guests are expected to check in at the front desk upon entry to the Pool regardless of whether they are planning to swim.  Each member must have a photo in the Membersplash account.  Photo ID may be required.
  • Members are responsible for supervising their guests, especially children and teenagers, and must remain at the pool with guests. We expect guests to use good manners and conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the family-friendly environment at Parklawn Pool.


A first aid station will be maintained at the swimming pool office. Injuries received anywhere within the Association property should be reported immediately to the Pool Manager on duty. For serious injuries, the Pool Manager on duty shall complete an accident form (as required by the Fairfax County regulations) as soon as practical.


Any PRA member with a suggestion should email their suggestion to:


The Pool Manager on duty has the authority to “bench” pool attendees for such behavior as running, not following lifeguard directions, foul language, or other safety-related rule violations. In addition, the Pool Manager on duty or Head Lifeguard may eject and/or expel any person from the Pool and its vicinity if such exclusion is necessary for pool safety or to preserve the peace and dignity of the Pool’s atmosphere.  Appeals for any objections must be submitted to the Parklawn Board of Directors for review via email.  The ejection will stand during the review process.  In the event the person excluded is a minor, the following procedures will apply:

  • The first time a minor is excluded from the pool in a season, the Pool Manager on duty or a Board Member will call the parent or guardian to report the expulsion. The minor will be expelled for the remainder of the day;
  • The second time a minor is excluded from the pool in a season, the expulsion must last 48 hours, and the parent or guardian will be notified;
  • Any additional times a minor is expelled from the pool in a season, a parent or guardian must accompany the minor at the pool for a period of one week following the exclusion.


Rules to be observed by all pool users:

  • No running on the deck.
  • No rough or dangerous play.
  • Swimmers are not to put any weight on the lane lines or dividing ropes.
  • Food and drink must be kept a minimum of 5 feet away from the pool edge.
  • No glass containers, sharp objects, or chewing gum is allowed anywhere on the pool property.
  • No diving into water less than 5 feet deep.  No flips or back dives are allowed off the coping (pool edge).
  • Diving Board Rules:
    • One person on the board at a time
    • Divers must wait until the previous diver has reached the ladder before diving
    • Divers are allowed one bounce 
    • Divers may not wear goggles or floatation devices
    • Divers must jump straight off the edge of the board (not towards the sides)
    • All divers must pass the swim test
  • NON-SWIMMERS will not be permitted to go beyond the 3 & 1/2 foot depth without in water adult supervision. NON-SWIMMERS using flotation devices, because they are unable to pass the pool swim test, are required to have a strong swimmer, over the age of 16, within arms reach of them at ALL times they are outside the 3&1/2 food depth area. (a NON-SWIMMER is anyone unable to successfully pass the Red Cross deep water  swim test)
  • CHILDREN IN THE BABY POOL must be supervised by an ADULT who is within the baby pool enclosure. For reasons of safety, use of the baby pool is restricted to children age 5 and younger and to those adults who are supervising them.
  • WEATHER: If the sky is overcast and the temperature is below 70 degrees F, or if rain is falling continually preventing lifeguards clear visibility of the pool and pool bottom, the pool manager may close the pool until weather improves. The pool manager on duty shall clear the pool for 30 minutes whenever THUNDER is heard, provided the sky is at all threatening. The pool manager on duty shall clear the pool and the deck area for at least 60 minutes after LIGHTNING is seen. The Pool manager shall close the pool for at least 60 minutes in the event of a violent thunderstorm.
  • The DIVING BOARD will be closed (and the diving well open to swimmers) only when a guard is posted at the nearby guard stand. Whenever the diving board is closed, a barrier, generally a cone, will be placed against the ladders.. The diving board may only be used when the designated diving area is clear of swimmers.
  • RAFTS may be used only by adults and only during breaks (Only exception is Swim Team sponsored Raft night, which will be posted on the calendar, in which case swimmers who have passed the Pool swim test will be permitted to use rafts in the pool during the allotted time)
  • BALL USE in the pool will be restricted to light-weight  balls. .Lifeguards may disallow use of balls if the play is too rough or poses a danger to other members. Exceptions will also be provided for swim team, dive team or BOD sponsored events posted on the Pool calendar.
  • WATER GUNS/BLASTER/CANNON may NOT be used in the main pool.  The only exception to this is during scheduled Swim Team sponsored Raft Nights. 
  • FURNITURE. All furniture being moved should be lifted off the ground and not dragged. No one (including children) should stand on any of the furniture. PRA members will be held financially responsible for any damage as a result of not using furniture for its intended purpose. (ex: chairs are for sitting).
  • Lap lanes are to be used only by persons swimming laps or water walking/jogging.
  • The last 15 minutes of each hour from 12pm-7pm will be a designated break time.  Only those members age 16 and older will be allowed in the pool at this time.  All members under 16 must remain completely out of the water during this break time.


Guest fees will be charged for the use of the Association’s swimming facilities. Disciplinary action will be taken by the Board of Directors against anyone found abusing guest privileges.

Guest passes can  be purchased in advance through the online membership system (currently Member splash)  or at the front desk with exact change.. Pool guests fees can be paid by check:

  • Adults and children age 2 or older: $7.00/day/guest
  • Children younger than age 2: Free

All guests, including spectators who do not expect to swim, will be charged a guest fee, except during swim/dive meets.

Special group rates. The Board may establish special group rates for special events on a case by case basis.


Caregivers hired by members of PRA are permitted to use the pool while they are performing their duties and while they remain fully responsible for close supervision of the charge(s). Sitters must be listed by name in the member’s Membership Splash account and have a picture uploaded into the system. If they live full-time in your home, they are considered part of your household and can be added at no additional fee.  If they do not live in your household, you must purchase a nanny-pass for them at the rate of $50 for the season.  Nanny/Caregivers can only be added to Family memberships, and memberships are limited to one nanny pass per family.  If your family requires more than one nanny-pass, you must request board approval.  


  • BREAK TIME. Prior to 7:00 p.m., there is a mandatory 15 minute break for all children under the age of 16. Each break will begin fifteen minutes before the hour, except the last break of the day which shall be at 6:45 p.m. All such children (under the age of 16) must clear the pool and the pool edge. This 15 minute break is a safety measure intended to ensure that children rest at least once an hour.
    • For all day access to the pool without a supervising adult, a child must be age 12 or older and must have passed the Red Cross Deep Water  swim test, and be registered to swim without a supervising adult.
    • For up to 3 hours access to the pool without a supervising adult, a child must be age 10 or 11 and must have passed the Red Cross Deep Water  swim test, and be registered to swim without a supervising adult.
    • The registration process includes providing the name and age of the child, the name of at least one emergency contact with contact phone numbers, and acknowledgement that the Pool Management and the Board of Directors will not be held responsible for any injuries or for any children who leave the pool area.

ADULT SUPERVISION. Adults are 16 years or older. For purposes of supervising a child at the pool.  Exceptions to the 16 year minimum must be approved by the Board of Directors in writing.

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