Welcome Back to Parklawn Pool – 2016 Will Be Another Great Year!

On behalf of Parklawn Recreation Association (PRA), welcome back to the pool! We expect another fantastic year in 2016. Please note that key info about the pool including hours of operation, policies, etc. is on our website along with the pool calendar (under the Events tab): www.parklawnpool.org. We also have bulletin boards and wall cases around the pool that provide info on pool, swim team, Board of Directors (BOD) members, and events. On Facebook, we have the pool page (www.facebook.com/ParklawnPool/) and the swim team group (www.facebook.com/groups/ParklawnPiranhas/). Plus, I’m always happy to answer any questions.


The hours again changed favorably in 2016. This year we’re open 10-9 weekends and holidays and 11-9 weekdays starting Saturday, May 28, through Monday, September 5. The pool has WiFi and Verizon says that this year it should be faster than ever.


Same as last year, there is a membership notebook at the front desk as you walk in the front door. Your name and the names you listed on your membership form will be on a page in that notebook in alphabetical order. The page will also have a calendar for the entire season on it. The front desk staff will literally put a check in the box for the day you arrive. Sometimes the front desk will be empty. In those cases the notebook should still be there for you to sign in. Please just initial the day on the calendar that you are there. If you have a sitter watching your children, please make sure to add his/her name to your account. There is no additional charge for caregivers. Please review your information and make any corrections directly on the label so the BOD can correctly reprint.


Guest passes are available at the front desk for $5 each or you may purchase 10 for $35 at any time. The guest passes are in a different notebook at the front desk. Just identify your guest to the front desk staff and the staffer will either look up your prepaid sheet or fill out a sheet for you on the spot. You will need to provide the name of your guest and of course you are responsible for your guest while they enjoy the pool. Please pay by check whenever possible or bring exact change. The guards will place your payment in a lock box at the front desk. Those who have already purchased or received credit for 10 guest passes will have their sheets available opening day.

Though low tech, these notebooks prevent you ever having to worry about bringing a member card or paper pass to the pool. Just show up and identify yourself. The desk staff may challenge you initially and require an ID (license) until they get to know you better so please be patient with them. Also, this year we hope to have members occasionally staffing the desk which will get you an opportunity to meet and greet. Please adhere to the guest pass policy. Last year was our best ever but there is still room to improve.


We again have wonderful coaches this year for our Parklawn Piranhas swim team. I encourage anyone with children to sign up for the team. My nine-year- old twin girls absolutely love it and have been on the team for three years. Swim teams are very important to pools in this area so we appreciate your patience with the few swim closures we’ll have during the season (all posted on the pool calendar).

We have a mini-Piranhas swim lessons program. Please let me know if you’d like more information about the swim team or swim lessons at the pool.


The snack bar, run by our swim team, is ready to go and each year gets better and better. You can pre-pay an account at the snack bar so you don’t have to carry money. Just give them your name and they will create the account and reduce the amount as you use.

There are three grills on the upper deck available for your use. Please clean up after yourself so the next griller is not left with a mess. If you have extra food the guards are usually more than willing to support! Please remember that the guards are not allowed to start grills for you.
You can also order food for delivery to the pool. There usually are brochures from local vendors available at the front desk or attached to one of our bulletin boards.


Our baby pool has several toys available. However, all are located on concrete so please monitor their use. Please do not push any of the toys with slides to the edge of the pool as a “water slide”. There is NO lifeguard on duty in the baby pool — parents must accompany their child. Please help us to help you keep your children safe and happy while at the pool. The baby pool is just for kids who are 5 and under.


The pool has outdoor ping pong, badminton, volleyball, a field for soccer, playground equipment, horse-shoes and foosball tables. We prefer adults to check out the equipment and monitor the proper use and return of the equipment. You can check out horse-shoes, badminton and volleyball from the front desk and ping pong paddles and balls from the snack bar.

Outside the pool fence is a basketball court for your use. Our pool property is 21 acres and extends to the end of the large field you see from the basketball court and half way into the stream that borders the property. Though Fairfax County owns and maintains the physical walking trail that runs through our property, our property line extends half way into Holmes Run. All of our property is open to your use though areas outside our fence line are for use at your own risk. No trespassing signs are posted throughout the property. Please notify the front desk if you experience any issue with trespassers on our property.


The pool has social events throughout the year. This Saturday we have an open house from 1-4 p.m. and the pool will have live music by Alex Young, a moon bounce, face painting, $1 hot dogs, ice cream and other attractions so please invite friends and neighbors to come check out the pool. Please remember that swimming is still limited to members only unless you bring in guests on a guest pass. This year the chili challenge is in early June so start to prepare accordingly. Our social chairman, Paul Jameson, will post the calendar at the pool and it is always available on the website for your review.

If you want to schedule a party or other get-together at the pool and reserve upper deck space please book online at the website and Paul will follow up with you. Raft nights are back this year but we’re experimenting with them on Saturday evenings so more folks can participate.


The pool pays a pool management company to provide life-guards and maintain the pool deck, pools, and bathrooms. The company this year is American Pool. If you have compliments or complaints about anything related to their services please let me know. We should have several returning local guards this year so hopefully you’ll recognize some familiar faces.

The pool has several committees all run by volunteers and available to you. So please recognize that many folks working at the pool are actually members volunteering their time, not paid staff.

Our volunteer team and folks fulfilling the work-fee hours requirement of their membership put a lot of time and effort into preparing the pool to open this year. Please recognize the new roof and gutters, new paint on the main buildings and baby pool house, and new furniture. We also plan to have some fence-repair work done early this season. Thank you to all who contributed their time and effort to make the pool a better place for all.


Please recruit your friends and neighbors to join the pool. The larger our membership, the more services and upgrades we can provide to our facilities. We have Parklawn Pool signs that we’d love for you to proudly display in your yard and car magnets as well. Remember, we need your help to market the pool to our communities. Please email me if you would like a sign or car magnet.

For any of you who have not yet renewed, feel free to drop off your payment at the front desk.

Enough said. Again, WELCOME BACK!


Dave Galway

PRA President
PRA Membership Chairman
Father of Tess and Ella